2024 Honda METROPOLITAN Top Speed, Price, Specs, Review

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Honda Metropolitan could be defined as a form of scooter made by Honda and available under different names in various countries such as the Jazz in Canada the Scoopy in Australia and Asia and the Crea Scoopy in Japan.

The Metropolitan is a motor that is liquid-cooled and produces 4.4 horsepower and 3.9 pounds of torque. The maximum speed it can achieve is 41 miles per hour. The Metropolitan is a fuel-efficient vehicle with high efficiency and is estimated by the EPA to have a rate of 79 miles per gallon. 

The front and rear drum brakes provide excellent stopping power. The single rear shocks make sure that the ride is a comfortable one. The Metropolitan offers a large under-seat storage area that can be used to store books, helmets, and other accessories.

Honda Metropolitan is available in four colors: Matte Armored Green Metallic and Atmosphere Blue. The MSRP for the base model is $2,649 

2024 Honda METROPOLITAN Top Speed, Price, Specs, Review

Honda METROPOLITAN Top Speed, Price, Specs, Weight, MPG, Horsepower, Seat Height, Review


Honda metropolitan Blue Metallic color Matte Armored Green Metallic Color


Model ID NCW50
Price MSRP:$2,649
Engine 49cc liquid-cooled ;single-cylinder
Power 4.4 horsepower
Transmission Automatic V-Matic belt drive
Seat Height 28.3 inches
Fuel Capacity 1.2 gallons
Curb Weight 179 pounds
Miles Per Gallon 114 MPG
Available Colors Blue Metallic, Matte Armored Green Metallic

Key Features

  • 49ccc horizontal single-cylinder liquid-cooled horizontal
  • 4.4 horsepower
  • Seat Height 28.3 Inch (719 mm)
  • Automatic transmission
  • Electric start
  • Rear and front drum brakes
  • Front fork with telescoping and single rear shock
  • A large storage area under the seat
  • LED taillight and headlight
  • Fuel gauge

2023 Honda METROPOLITAN Specs



Engine Type 49cc liquid-cooled horizontal single-cylinder
Bore And Stroke 39.5mm x 40.3mm
Compression Ratio 12.0:1
Valve Train SOHC; two valves per cylinder
Induction Programmed fuel injection; 19mm throttle body


Transmission Automatic V-Matic belt drive
Final Drive belt drive


Front Suspension Telescopic fork; 2.8-inch travel
Rear Suspension Single shock; 2.4-inch travel


Front Brake Cable-actuated 95mm drum
Rear Brake Cable-actuated 110mm drum; Combined Braking System (CBS)


Front Tire 80/100-10
Rear Tire 80/100-10


Rake (Caster Angle) 26.5°
Trail 3.0 inches
Wheelbase 46.5 inches
Seat Height 28.3 inches
Fuel Capacity 1.7 gallons
Curb Weight 179 pounds (Includes all standard equipment, required fluids, and full tank of fuel)
Ground Clearance 1.2 gallons
Miles Per Gallon TBD MPG


Model ID NCW50
Available Colors Matte Armored Green Metallic, Blue Metallic
Meets current EPA and California Air Resources Board (CARB) standards


One Year Included Transferable, limited warranty
Optional Extended Extended coverage available with a HondaCare® Protection Plan


Honda Metropolitan comes with a fuel-injected air-cooled four-stroke engine that provides constant, smooth performance as well as being eco-friendly. Its automatic transmission and electric start make it simple to operate even for people who are still learning about scooters. The Metropolitan’s drum brakes at the rear and front provide excellent stopping power, and the front fork telescoping and the single rear shocks will ensure that your ride is enjoyable.

Here are some of the Overview of the 2023 Honda METROPOLITAN:

  • Engine Type: 49cc liquid-cooled horizontal single-cylinder
  • Power: 4.4 HP @ 8,000 RPM
  • Bore x Stroke: 39.5mm x 40.3mm
  • Compression Ratio: 12.0:1
  • Starter: Electric
  • Valve Train: SOHC; two valves per cylinder
  • Transmission: Automatic V-Matic belt drive
  • Suspension Front: Telescopic fork; 2.8-inch travel
  • Suspension Rear: Single shock; 2.4-inch travel
  • Brakes Front: Cable-actuated 95 mm drum
  • Brakes Rear: Cable-actuated 110 mm drum; Combined Braking System (CBS)
  • Tires Front: 80/100-10
  • Tires Rear: 80/100-10
  • Wheelbase: 46.5 inches
  • Seat Height: 28.3 inches
  • Curb Weight: 179 lbs
  • Fuel Capacity: 1.2 gallons
  • Large under-seat storage area
  • Fuel efficiency: 90-117 miles per gallon

Honda METROPOLITAN Price in The USA 2023

The 2023 Honda METROPOLITAN price starts at $2,649 USD,

Destination Charge: $200.00 and Freight Surcharge: $100.00.

Honda METROPOLITAN Top Speed 2023

In 2023, the Honda Metropolitan has a maximum speed of 41 mph that can vary slightly based on the rider’s weight and elevation. Therefore, it’s not recommended to be used on roads and is more suited for use in residential areas and on roads with low speeds. It’s important to know that the speed limit of the Metropolitan is in the 40-42 mph range.

2023 Honda METROPOLITAN Features

Honda metropolitan DRIVETRAIN

V-Matic Automatic Transmission

The Metropolitan’s automatic multi-speed transmission ensures that there is no need to shift at all, not even into neutral or park.

Simple push-button electric starter:The Starter system makes use of the motor’s brushless alternator (ACG) to start without the need for a separate starter motor.

The simple design needs no maintenance and can reduce the weight of the vehicle for higher fuel efficiency.

Honda metropolitan TECHNOLOGY

Programmed Fuel Injection (Pgm-Fi)

The Metropolitan has a liquid-cooled 49ccc four-stroke engine that is fuel-injected. It’s quiet, efficient, and extremely reliable. Everything you’d expect from Honda. 

Honda metropolitan CONVENIENCE

22-Liter Underseat Storage

The Metropolitan offers a spacious under-seat storage space that is big enough to store a helmet, some books, or food items. The storage area is equipped with an additional security lock and is weatherproof too.

An easy method to hang a purse or grocery bag straps for purses The hook is large and simple to utilize.

Chassis / Suspension /Brakes

Honda metropolitan ENGINEERING

Two-piece die-cast aluminum chassis offers the perfect balance of lightweight weight and stiffness to ensure outstanding handling.

Twin-downtube fork front offers 1.9 inches of comfortable travel to ensure a smooth and controlled ride. Single-shock aluminum swingarm rear suspension It has 2.6 inches of movement to provide a comfortable, smooth ride.

You can activate the rear brake and the combined brake mechanism (CBS) automatically applies front brakes that help you stop.

Stylish Design.

An elegant, sleek instrument panel is perfectly in line with the Metropolitan’s stylish design.

If you’ve got a few around town tasks to complete or run, accessories such as the Chrome Rear Carrier and our Rear Trunk make it much more practical.

2023 Honda METROPOLITAN Photos

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2023 Honda METROPOLITAN Review Videos


What is the price of the Honda METROPOLITAN?

The 2023 Honda METROPOLITAN starts at $2,649

How fast is the Honda METROPOLITAN?

The Honda METROPOLITAN has a top speed of around 41mph. Also Check: Honda CRF250RX Top Speed

What is the engine displacement of the Honda METROPOLITAN?

The engine displacement is 49cc.

How much power does the Honda METROPOLITAN produce?

The engine produces 4.4 horsepower

What is the seat height of the 2023 Honda Metropolitan?

The seat height is 28.3 inches.

What is the fuel tank size/capacity of the 2023 Honda Metropolitan?

The fuel tank size/capacity is 1.2 gallons.

What is the fuel efficiency of the Honda Metropolitan?

It has a fuel efficiency of 117 miles per gallon.

What are the available colors for the Honda METROPOLITAN?

Matte Armored Green Metallic and Blue Metallic

What is the weight of METROPOLITAN?

It has a curb weight of 179 lbs (81 kg)

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