2024 Honda CRF50F Top Speed, Price, Specs, Review

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Looking for a dirtbike for your child who’s six years old or older? It’s the Honda CRF50F can be an excellent option! It comes with a light frame and suspension that can be adjusted and a three-speed transmission that has an auto clutch.

The 49cc four-stroke engine is simple to operate and has an average speed of 40 miles per hour which makes it a suitable choice for dirt bike enthusiasts who wish to experience the excitement of off-roading.

It is an excellent option for children due to many reasons. The first is that its low seat makes it easier for kids to climb off and on the bike.

The second is that the automatic clutch allows them to begin or stop their bike with no worry over shifting the gears. Additionally, the four-stroke engine is nimble and easy to manage even for novice riders.

2024 Honda CRF50F Top Speed, Price, Specs, Review

Honda CRF50F Top Speed, Price, Specs, Weight, MPG, Horsepower, Seat Height, Review


Honda crf50f colors
Honda crf50f red color


Model Name Honda CRF50F
Model ID CRF50F
Price MSRP:$1,799 
Engine 50cc air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke
Power 3.1 horsepower
Transmission Three-speed
Seat Height 21.6 inches
Fuel Capacity 0.7 gallons
Curb Weight 111 pounds
Miles Per Gallon 0.2-gallon
Available Colors Red, White

Key Features

  • 49ccc four-stroke engine is fluid and easy to handle.
  • 3.1 horsepower
  • High Seat Height: 21.6 inches
  • Automatic clutch
  • Front forks that are inverted and telescopic
  • Single rear shock
  • Wide off-road tires
  • CRF450R-inspired bodywork

Pros & Cons

Sure, here are some of the pros and cons of the Honda CRF50F:


  • Easy to control and ride ideal for those who are new to riding.
  • Automatic clutches make it simple to stop and start
  • The smooth-running four-stroke engine is durable and long-lasting.
  • A low seat height allows it to be accessible to riders of all sizes.
  • Wide off-road tires offer great traction and handling
  • CRF450R’s bodywork is inspired by the CRF450R and gives it a modern and aggressive look
  • Parts are easily available and cost-effective.


  • Smaller engines might not be strong enough for more experienced riders.
  • Suspension is the most basic option and might not be suitable for high-speed riding.
  • The seat’s height might be too low for taller riders.
  • No electric start

Honda CRF450R colors

Honda CRF50F Specs


Engine Type 50cc air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke
Bore And Stroke 39.0mm x 41.4mm
Compression Ratio 10.0:1
Valve Train SOHC; two valves per cylinder
Induction 11mm piston-valve carburetor


Transmission Three-speed with automatic clutch
Final Drive #420 chain; 14T/37T


Front Suspension 22mm inverted fork; 3.8-inch travel
Rear Suspension Single-shock; 2.8-inch travel


Front Brake 80mm drum
Rear Brake 80mm drum


Front Tire 2.50-10
Rear Tire 2.50-10


Rake (Caster Angle) 25.0°
Trail 1.3 inches
Wheelbase 36.0 inches
Seat Height 21.6 inches
Fuel Capacity 0.7 gallons, including 0.2-gallon reserve
Curb Weight 111 pounds (Includes all standard equipment, required fluids, and a full tank of fuel ready to ride)
Ground Clearance 6.0 inches
Miles Per Gallon 0.7


Model ID CRF50F 
Available Colors Red , White
Meets California Air Resources Board(CARB) and EPA off-road emissions standards.


Six Months Included Transferable, limited warranty
Optional Extended Extended coverage available with a HondaCare® Protection Plan

Honda CRF50F Overview

It’s a small light bike with an extremely low seat which makes it simple to control and ride. The information about the bike being small, light, and easy to control is repeated multiple times throughout the text. This sentence can be cut to avoid redundancy.

It isn’t very strong, but it’s sufficient to bring the bike up to speed and get it over minor obstacles. This sentence is not essential to the general meaning of the text as it only provides a minor detail about the bike’s performance. It can be cut without affecting the overall understanding of the CRF50F.

The CRF50F comes with drum brakes both on the rear and front wheels. The information about the bike having drum brakes is already mentioned earlier in the text. This sentence can be cut to avoid repetition.

Here are some of the Overview of the 2023 Honda CRF50F :

  • Engine: 49cc four-stroke air-cooled single-cylinder
  • Transmission: 3-speed with automatic clutch
  • Suspension: Inverted telescopic front forks, single rear shock
  • Brakes: Front drum brake, rear drum brake
  • Seat height: 548 mm (21.6 in.)
  • Weight: 111 lbs (50 kg)

Honda CRF50F Price in The USA 2023

The 2023 Honda CRF50F price starts at  $1,799 USD,

Destination Charge: $200.00 and Freight Surcharge: $100.00.

Honda CRF50F Top Speed 2023

The maximum Top Speed of this 2023 Honda CRF50F is thought to be approximately 40 miles per hour but it’s close to 35 miles per hour. The motocross bike is limited in speed capability because of its three-speed sequential transmission.

Below are also videos available on YouTube that show the CRF50F’s top speed.

2023 Honda CRF50F Features

Durable, low-maintenance ENGINE

If there’s anything that you are able to count on when it comes to the brand of Honda engine, it’s its engine. Its Honda four-stroke engine is known for its reliability. It reduces stress and headaches while increasing enjoyment.

Automatic Clutch

Since there’s no lever for the clutch to master, beginners needn’t be concerned about getting stuck. This makes the CRF50F an ideal device to help you learn to shift. Furthermore, the smooth transmission has three gears.


A key that can be removed helps to make sure that children aren’t riding without the supervision of an adult. Did they finish their homework early? Let’s go for a ride!

Adjustable Throttle Limiter

Set the maximum speed by turning the screw. This helps prevent beginners from riding too quickly or too fast and allows you to adapt the CRF50F’s power output to the level of skill of the rider.

Rugged Stee Frame

New riders can be hard on equipment, particularly when they’re only beginning their journey. This is why the CRF50F has an extremely durable steel frame designed to take the bumps and dings of off-road biking.


The journey to learn how to ride is about learning. This can be difficult on bikes. Therefore, we designed the CRF50F stronger and more robust. By using plastic fenders, tanks as well and other body parts that are designed to bounce off scrapes and dings. In addition, with a design inspired by its big brother in pro-motocross CRF50F appears like a pro too.

2023 Honda CRF50F Photos

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What is the price of the Honda CRF50F?

The 2023 Honda CRF50F starts at $1,799

How fast is the Honda CRF50F?

 The top speed of the Honda CRF50F is estimated to be around 40 mph.  Also Check: Honda CRF250RX Top Speed

What is the engine displacement of the Honda CRF50F?

The engine displacement of the Honda CRF50F is 49cc.

How much power does the Honda CRF50F produce?

The engine produces 3.1 horsepower

What is the valve train of the Honda CRF50F?

The Honda CRF50F features a SOHC; two valves per cylinder.

What are the available colors for the Honda CRF50F?

Red and White.

Is the Honda CRF50F suitable for kids?

Yes, it is designed to be a starter bike for dirt bike newbies, and it can be ridden by kids ranging in age from 6 to 12.

What is the seat height of the Honda CRF50F?

It has a seat height of 21.6 inches.

What is the weight of CRF50F?

It has a curb weight of 111 pounds.

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