2024 Honda CRF450X Top Speed, Price, Specs, Review

The Honda CRF450X is a powerful and versatile off-road motorcycle that is perfect for both casual trail riding and serious competition. It shares many of the same features as the CRF450R motocrosser, but it has been specifically designed for off-road use.

This includes a wide-ratio six-speed transmission, an 18-inch rear wheel, and a larger fuel tank. The Honda CRF450X also has a number of specialized features that make it ideal for off-road riding, such as hand guards, a skid plate, and a unique ECU and fuel-injection settings.

The Honda CRF450X is a great choice for riders who are looking for a high-performance off-road motorcycle that can handle a variety of terrain. It is also a right choice for riders who are looking for a motorcycle that is California Green-Sticker compliant.

Here is a more detailed look at the price, top speed, specs, Features and review of the Honda CRF450X:

Honda CRF450X Top Speed, Price, Specs, Weight, MPG, Horsepower, Review


Honda CRF450X red



Model Name Honda CRF450X
Model ID CRF450X
Price $9,899
Engine 449cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke
Transmission Wide-ratio six-speed
Seat Height 37.9 inches
Fuel Capacity 2.0 gallons
Curb Weight 275 pounds
Miles Per Gallon 34-40 mpg.
Colors Red

Key Features:

  • 450cc liquid-cooled Unicam® single-cylinder engine
  • Fuel injection
  • Electric starter
  • Twin-sump lubrication
  • Twin-spar aluminum frame
  • 21-inch front/18-inch rear wheels
  • Six-speed transmission
  • Handguards
  • Lithium-ion battery

Pros & Cons of Honda CRF450X:

Pros Cons
Good value for money Can be heavy for some riders
Comfortable seat Not as nimble as some other off-road motorcycles
Versatile and capable off-road motorcycle Can be expensive to maintain
Powerful and efficient engine
Reliable and durable


  • Yamaha WR450F
  • Kawasaki KLX450R
  • Suzuki RMX450Z
  • Beta 450 RR-S
  • TM 450 EN-X

Honda CRF450X Specs


Engine Type 449cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke
Bore And Stroke 96.0mm x 62.1mm
Induction Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI), 46mm downdraft throttle body
Valve Train Unicam® SOHC, four-valves per cylinder
Compression Ratio 12.0:1


Transmission Wide-ratio six-speed
Final Drive #520 Chain; 13T/51T


Front Suspension 49mm leading-axle inverted telescopic Showa coil-spring fork with rebound- and compression-damping adjustability; 12.0-inch travel
Rear Suspension Pro-Link® Showa single shock with spring-preload, rebound- and compression-damping adjustability; 11.8-inch travel


Front Brake Single 260mm disc with twin-piston caliper
Rear Brake Single 240mm disc


Front Tire Dunlop MX52 80/100-21
Rear Tire Dunlop MX52 110/100-18


Rake 27.6°
Trail 5.6 inches
Wheelbase 58.7 inches
Seat Height 37.9 inches
Ground Clearance 13.1 inches
Fuel Capacity 2.0 gallons
Curb Weight 275 pounds 
Miles Per Gallon 34-40 mpg.


Model ID CRF450X
Available Colors Red

Honda CRF450X Overview

The Honda CRF450X is a 450cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke enduro motorcycle. It was first introduced in 2005 and has been constantly updated since then.

The model, introduced in 2019, features several modifications over the previous generation, including a new engine with electronic fuel injection, a more comfortable seat, and a wider chassis.

The Honda CRF450X is designed for off-road riding and is well-suited for various terrain, including deserts, trails, and woods.

It is powered by a 449cc single-cylinder engine that delivers 43 horsepower and 32 lb-ft of torque. The engine is mated to a six-speed transmission and a chain drive.

The Honda CRF450X has a twin-spar aluminum frame that is both lightweight and stiff. The brakes are dual 260mm discs up front and a 240mm disc in the rear. The suspension consists of 49mm inverted forks up front and a Pro-Link single shock in the rear.

The Honda CRF450X is a capable, versatile off-road motorcycle well-suited for different riders. It is known for its reliability, performance, and comfort.

Honda CRF450X Price in The USA 2024

The 2024 Honda Honda CRF450X price starts at  $9,899 USD, Destination Charge: $400.00 and Freight Surcharge: $200.00.

Honda CRF450X Top Speed 2024

The Honda CRF450X has a top speed of around 85-95 MPH.

2024 Honda CRF450X Features


Having six speeds in the Honda CRF450X’s transmission compared to an MX bike’s typical five gives you more choice and makes this versatile bike even more versatile. You have gear for everything from east-coast rock crawling to wide-open Baja blasts.


It is light, compact, and performs excellently—just like the Honda CRF450X itself! Conventional batteries are heavy, but not this premium piece. It’s all part of why your new Honda CRF450X performs as well as it does.


The Honda CRF450X gets a special crankshaft, unlike our CRF450R MX bikes and CRF450RL dual-sport. The crank’s weight and inertial character significantly affect how a bike delivers power. A crank is expensive, but it’s no place to scrimp and try to save—with the Honda CRF450X, power delivery is just what you want.


The Honda CRF450X’s dual radiators feature a refined core area for superior heat dissipation compared with conventional dual-radiator designs. A coolant recovery tank is in front of the engine between the frame downtubes for an improved center of gravity, and a plastic skid plate protects the tank.


Holding 2.0 gallons, the Honda CRF450X’s premium titanium tank is light and tough.


The Honda CRF450X’s factory skid plate is light, yet also offers the engine and lower-frame protection serious riders demand on a machine like this.


Your Honda CRF450X has a complete lighting package (headlight and taillight) for riding at dusk.


An electric start system ensures trouble-free starting in all conditions. The electric starter also drives the clutch side of the crankshaft, which provides superior lubrication to starter gears while allowing a narrow engine with a short, strong crank.


Our Honda Unicam® cylinder heads combine the best of single- and double-overhead-cam designs. The configuration contributes to a compact engine that saves weight over a comparable dual-overhead-camshaft motor and also permits a narrow included valve angle. This flattens the combustion chamber to facilitate ignition flame propagation, allowing a high compression ratio. Since less space is occupied in the cylinder head, the camshaft sits lower for a more compact engine and a lower center of gravity.


The Honda CRF450X features our proven fuel injection system. It’s part of the reason the Honda CRF450X offers such excellent torque and spot-on metering and response, especially in the critical low-rpm range. It also automatically compensates for elevation and weather changes.


Lightweight titanium intake and exhaust valves permit smaller valve springs, reducing overall engine height.


The CRF450X offers a massive advantage for California riders: since it’s Green-Sticker compliant, you can ride it off-road year-round in any open OHV area.


The Honda CRF450X uses a twin-spar aluminum chassis that takes advantage of all the lessons we’ve learned on the MX track and from winning countless Bajas. The frame is light and stiff, providing the basis for the CRF450X’s excellent handling. The chassis is wider than the standard MX frame to accommodate the six-speed transmission.


The Honda CRF450X’s Dunlop MX52 tires offer good off-road traction in various terrain and conditions. Tires are always a critical part of any on/off-road bike, and we’ve hooked you up with some great ones here.


The compact Unicam® engine and our famous concentration on center-of-mass engineering help keep the Honda CRF450X’s center of gravity low. That means the bike feels lighter, and it helps to handle too.


Compact twin-piston front brake caliper, anodized aluminum brake pistons, and lightweight 260mm front disc offer great stopping power while minimizing unsprung weight for improved turning and handling.


HRC works-type rear brake system uses a 240mm brake rotor to its integrated rear master cylinder and fluid reservoir, a set-up that eliminates the separate reservoir and hose.


The Honda CRF450X’s 18-inch rear wheel gives you an excellent choice of off-road tires. Plus, the black DID rims look great too.


Exclusively designed for the off-road rider and manufactured to Honda standards, they help protect you from rocks, branches, thorns, and brush. Plus, it gives your Honda CRF450X that “finished” look right from the start.


The gear-driven counterbalancer reduces vibration and drives the water pump.


The “X” graphics may remind you of our MX bikes because they’re derived from them—the smooth bodywork makes it easy to move around, and the in-mold graphics look cool and durable, too.


Placing the rider’s legs at the narrowest part of the frame helps improve comfort and handling.


A side stand may seem like no big thing, but look at the one the Honda CRF450X uses. Tucked up high and out of the way, this forged alloy piece is just another example of how the CRF450X gets it right.


An essential feature for planning gas stops and calculating your bike’s range under varying conditions, the Fuel Mileage Meter shows current fuel mileage, average fuel mileage, and fuel consumption. Displays in either miles or kilometers and applies to the A and B trip meters. The Fuel Mileage Meter is in the same digital instrument display as the speedometer, odometer, trip meters, and digital clock.

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Honda CRF450X For Sale

Several options are available if you are looking for a Honda CRF450X for sale. Here are some websites where you can find new and used Honda CRF450X motorcycles for sale:

  • Autotrader: You can find new and used Honda CRF450X motorcycles for sale near you by private sellers and motorcycle dealers on Motorcycles on Autotrader.
  • Cycle Trader: You can search various new and used Honda CRF450X motorcycles for sale in Florida and near you via Cycle Trader. 
  • Honda Powersports: You can check out the 2024 Honda CRF450X motorcycle, which has a base MSRP of $9,899, on the Honda Powersports website.
  • Find Dealers: Click Here

Honda Customer Service 24/7 Help

Call: (866) 784-1870 Monday – Friday 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM PT POST MAIL: American Honda Motor Co., Inc. Powersports Customer Relations 4900 Marconi Drive Alpharetta, GA 30005-8847 Honda Powersports Official website: https://powersports.honda.com  


What is the difference between CRF450R and CRF450X?

Here is a table that summarizes the key differences between the two motorcycles:

Feature CRF450R CRF450X
Engine 449cc Unicam® engine 449cc Unicam® engine
Transmission Close-ratio five-speed Wide-ratio six-speed
Clutch Cable-actuated Hydraulic
Suspension Race-tuned Off-road-tuned
Wheels 19-inch front, 18-inch rear 21-inch front, 18-inch rear
Tires Dunlop MX3S Dunlop Geomax AT81
Fuel tank 1.69 gallons 2.1 gallons

Does Honda still make a 450X?

Yes, Honda still makes the CRF450X.

What is the difference between CRF450X and 450rx?

Here is a table that summarizes the key differences between the two motorcycles:

Feature CRF450X CRF450RX
Engine 449cc Unicam® engine 449cc Unicam® engine
Transmission Wide-ratio six-speed Close-ratio five-speed
Clutch Hydraulic Hydraulic
Suspension Off-road-tuned Race-tuned
Wheels 21-inch front, 18-inch rear 19-inch front, 18-inch rear
Tires Dunlop Geomax AT81 Dunlop MX3S
Fuel tank 2.1 gallons 1.69 gallons

How many miles per gallon does a Honda CRF450X get?

The Honda CRF450X gets an average of 34-40 mpg.

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