2024 Honda CRF450RL Top Speed, Price, Specs, Review

Are you looking to buy a Honda CRF450RL? But you need to know more about Honda CRF450RL Specifications, Price, Top Speed, Weight, and Review.

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Let’s look at the latest specs, top speed, weight, price, and review of the Honda CRF450RL

The Honda CRF450RL is a motorcycle that is a true blend of versatility and performance. It’s a dual-sport motorcycle that is street-legal and off-road-ready. The engine is a liquid-cooled single-cylinder 450cc engine that produces 41.7 hp. The 2023 Honda CRF450RL starts at $10,099.

The CRF450RL is equipped with a lightweight frame a long-travel suspension and a six-speed transmission. It has a range of options to can be used off-road and on-road usage, such as fans with an electric motor along with LED lights and the skidplate.

In the CRF450RL Honda, it’s possible to explore with no limitations and get rid of the burden of trailers and trucks. Explore the possibilities on two wheels and tackle any difficulty.

2024 Honda CRF450RL Top Speed, Price, Specs, Review

Honda CRF450RL Top Speed, Price, Specs, Weight, MPG, Horsepower, Seat Height, Review


Honda CRF450RL color red


Model Name Honda CRF450RL
Model ID CRF450RL
Price MSRP:$10,099
Engine 450cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder
Power 41.7 horsepower
Transmission Six-speed
Seat Height 37.2 inches
Fuel Capacity 2.0 gallon
Curb Weight 289 pounds
Miles Per Gallon N/A
Available Colors Red

Key Features

  • 450cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine
  • Lightweight frame
  • Long-travel suspension
  • Six-speed transmission
  • Electric fan
  • LED lighting
  • Skid plate

2024 Honda CRF450RL Price

Honda CRF450RL Specs


Engine Type 450cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder
Bore And Stroke 96.0mm x 62.1mm
Compression Ratio 12.0:1
Valve Train Unicam® OHC; four valves per cylinder
Induction Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI), 46mm downdraft throttle body


Transmission Wide-ratio six-speed
Final Drive #520 Chain; 13T/51T


Front Suspension 49mm leading-axle inverted telescopic Showa coil-spring fork with rebound- and compression-damping adjustability; 12.0-inch travel
Rear Suspension Pro-Link Showa single shock with spring preload, rebound- and compression-damping adjustability; 11.8-inch travel


Front Brake Single 260mm disc with twin-piston caliper
Rear Brake Single 240mm disc


Front Tire IRC GP21 80/100-21
Rear Tire IRC GP22 120/80-18


Rake (Caster Angle) 28.5°
Trail 4.8 inches
Wheelbase 58.9 inches
Seat Height 37.2 inches
Fuel Capacity 2.0 gallons
Curb Weight 289 pounds 
Ground Clearance 12.6 inches
Miles Per Gallon TBD MPG


Model ID CRF450RL
Available Colors Red

Honda CRF450RL Overview

We’re excited to introduce the stunning 2024 Honda CRF450RL. It’s an amazing dual-sport motorcycle. With a six-speed transmission, as well as a stunning design, it provides an unbeatable off-road and versatility enjoyment without compromising. Our emphasis on agility and lightness results in a dirt bike that can conquer every terrain easily

It’s powered by a massive 449 cc (41.7 cubic inches) water-cooled 4-stroke Unicam Single engine. The CRF450RL was released at the beginning of May in 2018 and has been available on the market since then. The CRF450RL comes in fifth place in the CRFs with dual-sport capabilities from Honda in addition to the CRF230L the CRF250L, CRF1000L Africa Twin CRF150L, and CRF250L.

Here are some of the Overview of the 2023 Honda CRF450RL :

  • Engine: The CRF450RL is powered by a 449cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine with a Unicam OHC and four valves
  • bore x stroke : 96.0mm x 62.1mm
  • compression ratio: 12.0:1
  • Power: 41.7 horsepower and 23.6 pound-feet of torque
  • Suspension Front: Showa 49mm USD fork with 12.0 inches of travel
  • Suspension Rear: Showa shock with 11.8 inches of travel
  • Brakes Front: Single 260mm disc with a twin-piston caliper 
  • Brakes Rear: Single 240mm disc with a single-piston caliper
  • Weight:  289 lbs (131 kg)
  • Fuel tank:2.0-gallon
  • Seat height: 940 mm (37.2 in.)
  • Ground clearance: 12.6 inches

Honda CRF450RL Price in The USA 2023

The 2023 Honda CRF450RL price starts at  $10,099 USD,

Destination Charge: $400.00, and Freight Surcharge: $200.00.

Honda CRF450RL Top Speed 2023

The highest speed of the Honda CRF450RL is around 95 mph(153 kilometers per hour). It’s important to remember that the speed at which you can go on any motorcycle will depend on a myriad of factors such as the amount of weight the rider is carrying and the speed of wind, as well as road conditions.

2023 Honda CRF450RL Features


Its Unicam (r) Cylinder head is a blend of both double-overhead-cam designs and has the same DNA as our CRF450R that won the championship. The configuration saves weight compared to a dual-overhead-camshaft motor, and the camshaft sits lower in the head for a more compact engine and a lower center of gravity. Additionally, you get a smaller valve angle which reduces the size of the combustion chamber to ensure more efficient flame distribution and a higher compression ratio.


An electric start system allows for easy engine ignition in any weather. It works by driving the clutch part of the crankshaft, which lubricates the starter gears and enables the engine to crank out a short and strong crank.


The CRF450RL has a high performance, thanks to its proven fuel injection system. It also has excellent torque, spot-on metering, and responsiveness, especially in the low-rpm range. Additionally, it automatically adjusts for changes in elevation and weather. The engine’s overall height is reduced by the use of lightweight titanium exhaust and intake valves, which allow for smaller valve springs.


Similar to our CRF450X, the CRF450RL has a wide-ratio six-speed gearbox. It gives you a low gear for a tight, slow situation as well as a top speed that’s high enough for driving on the highway to the next gas station or trailhead.


Holding 2.0 gallons, the CRF450RL’s premium titanium tank is light and tough.


This means that the CRF450RL will be an actual off-road bike and not just a compromise. Twin-spar’s aluminum frame, which is strong and light, is the foundation for the CRF450RL’s outstanding handling. The chassis geometry has been specifically chosen to be responsive and is also bigger than the MX standard frame to allow for an automatic transmission with six speeds.


FRONT BRAKE WORKS-STYLE: A compact front brake caliper that has a twin-piston design and anodized aluminum brake pistons and light front discs of 260mm provide great stopping power and reduce the weight of unsprung components for better turn-in and handling.
WORKS-STYLE REAR BRAKE: The HRC rear brake system that works like a working type includes a 240mm brake wheel coupled with an integrated master cylinder for the rear and reservoir for fluid, a setup that eliminates the reservoir as well as the hose.


18-INCH REAR WHEEL: The CRF450RL’s rear wheel of 18 inches gives you a wide selection of off-road or on-road tires.
IRC GP Tires: The CRF450RL’s tires provide excellent off-road traction as well as road-based life. Tires are an essential element of any bike that is off or on and we’ve provided you with some top tires.


Electrical FAN

The CRF450RL is a “ride everywhere” kind of bike and since the conditions change so wide, we’ve fitted it with a small electronic fan for the radiator. A rock crawl or riding on a scorching Arizona single-track keeps the engine cool.


The design is designed to keep your bike more quiet, without adding weight These distinctive drive sprockets for your bike are another example of CRF450RL’s clever design.


The crank of the CRF450RL is 13 percent stronger in force than the CRF450R. Why? To ease the performance and help make engines comfortable for the user in technical, tight circumstances.


The CRF450RL comes with an all-LED lighting package, which includes the headlight. This is a huge benefit since it removes a significant amount of weight from the front of the car. The lighting pattern has been made to be suitable for both off-road and on-road conditions.


The LED taillight has been integrated into the rear of the fender. It’s compact, light, and strong.


Small, light, and with excellent performance, just like the CRF450RL! The typical battery is heavy however not this high-end piece. This is the reason your CRF450RL works as well as it can.


The factory skid plate on the CRF450RL is extremely light and gives the lower frame and engine security that serious riders expect from equipment such as this.

2023 Honda CRF450RL Photos


Honda crf450rl ELECTRIC START

2024 Honda CRF450RL Review

Honda CRF450RL Overview

Honda CRF450RL Specs

Honda CRF450RL Top Speed


What is the price of the Honda CRF450RL?

The 2023 Honda CRF450RL starts at $10,099.

How fast is the Honda CRF450RL?

The Honda CRF450RL has a top speed of around 95 mph. Also Check: Honda CRF250RX Top Speed

What is the engine displacement of the Honda CRF450RL?

The engine displacement is 286cc.

How much power does the Honda CRF450RL produce?

The Honda CRF450RL has a 286cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine that produces 41.7 horsepower at 8,500 pm

What is the Honda CRF450RL fuel tank capacity?

The Honda CRF450RL has a fuel tank capacity of 2.0 gallons.

What is the seat height of CRF450RL?

It has a seat height of 37.2 inches.

What is the weight of CRF450RL?

It has a curb weight of 289 pounds

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