2024 Honda ADV160 Top Speed, Price, Specs, Review

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Honda ADV160 is an adventure scooter that was introduced to the public for the very first time in 2021. This is a popular scooter among riders who are looking for an option that has both off-road and on-road capability.

It has a single-cylinder liquid-cooled 157cc engine that produces 16 horsepower. It also produces 9.8 LB-FT of torque. The engine is paired to a CVT which permits easy and effortless acceleration.

The ADV160 has speeds of 72 mph and can go from 0-60 at a speed of just 8 minutes. It is fuel-efficient and is estimated to get 52 miles per gallon as per the EPA. This is a great choice for riders who want scooters that are functional and fun to ride. It is ideal for errands, and also for exploring new places.

Honda ADV160 Top Speed, Price, Specs, Weight, MPG, Horsepower, Seat Height, Review

Honda ADV160 Top Speed, Price, Specs, Weight, MPG, Horsepower, Seat Height, Review


Honda ADV160 Pearl Smokey Gray
Honda ADV160 color


Model Name Honda ADV160
Model ID ADV160A
Price MSRP: $4,499
Engine 157cc liquid-cooled 80º single-cylinder four-stroke
Power 16 horsepower
Transmission Automatic V-Matic
Seat Height 30.7 inches
Fuel Capacity 2.1 gallons
Curb Weight 294 pounds
Miles Per Gallon 134
Available Colors Red Metallic, Pearl Smokey Gray

Key Features

  • Powerful 157cc liquid-cooled 80º single-cylinder four-stroke
  • 16 horsepower
  • Seat Height: 30.7 inches
  • Long-travel suspension system
  • Tubeless tires
  • Upright riding position
  • Comfortable seat
  • LED headlights and taillights
  • Digital instrument cluster
  • USB charging port
  • Smart key system
  • Anti-lock brakes (ABS)

2024 Honda ADV160 Top Speed, Price, Specs, Review

Honda ADV160 Specs


Engine Type 157cc liquid-cooled 80º single-cylinder four-stroke
Bore And Stroke 60.0mm x 55.5mm
Compression Ratio 12.0:1
Valve Train SOHC; four valves per cylinder
Induction PGM-FI; 28mm throttle body


Transmission Automatic V-Matic
Final Drive belt drive


Front Suspension 31mm Showa® telescopic fork; 5.1-inch travel
Rear Suspension Showa® twin shocks; 4.0-inch travel


Front Brake Single 240mm disc; ABS
Rear Brake 131mm drum


Front Tire 110/80-14
Rear Tire 130/70-13


Rake (Caster Angle) 26.5°
Trail 3.4 inches
Wheelbase 52.1 inches
Seat Height 30.7 inches
Fuel Capacity 2.1 gallons
Curb Weight 294 pounds (Includes all standard equipment, required fluids and a full tank of fuel)
Ground Clearance 6.5 in
Miles Per Gallon 134 MPG


Model ID ADV160A
Available Colors Red Metallic, Pearl Smokey Gray

Honda ADV160 Overview

The world’s first adventure-oriented scooter will be getting a new engine by 2024. ADV160 is the latest eSP+ model which is part of the PCX and offers excellent performance and fuel efficiency. The top features are identical: ADV160 features a sturdy steel frame that makes it much more durable than the other scooters.

The under-seat storage space allows the user to transport their supplies to go on an adventure or carry their daily groceries. The ADV160 is an SUV-style scooter that comes with a windscreen in two positions along with a Honda SMART Key. It’s a great choice for big or small adventures!

Here are some of the Overview of the 2023 Honda ADV160:

  • Engine: single-cylinder, 80o liquid-cooled engine
  • Compression:12.0:1.
  • Practical Features: Honda V-Matic transmission, large storage space under the seat of 27 liters, and an adjustable windscreen in two stages.
  • Dimensions:  26.5-degree rake bike with a trail of about 3.4 inches.
  • Wheelbase:52.1-inch
  • Seat Height:30.7-inch
  • Curb Weight: 294-pound 

Honda ADV160 Price in The USA 2023

The 2023 Honda ADV160 price starts at $4,499 USD,

Destination Charge: $400.00 and Freight Surcharge: $100.00.

Honda ADV160 Top Speed 2023

 Honda states that the top Speed for the Honda ADV160 will reach 70 MPH by 2023. However, individual results might vary and certain drivers have reported that their fastest speed is near 60 mph.


2023 Honda ADV160 Features


The ADV160 has an adjustable windscreen, providing two positions for different weather conditions. It has a low center of gravity, making it easy to handle in crowded parking spaces or traffic. The seat is designed for comfort and a two-tone textured appearance. The bodywork is reduced, providing more space for the rider.


The ADV160 has plenty of storage space. Open the seat to access the 27-liter main compartment that locks securely. There’s also a 2-liter compartment in the front with a 12-volt charging port. It’s easy to park with the option of a side stand and a center stand.

The Honda SMART Key makes starting your ADV160 as easy as pushing a button. No need to search for an old-fashioned key or use a keypad. The fuel-injected motor runs smoothly in all weather conditions, and the all-LED lighting package adds to its sleek appearance.


The ADV160 is equipped with Showa(r) Telescopic front suspension with the highest amount of range of travel in its class. The rear is a pair of premium Showa shocks that have remote piggyback reservoirs as well as triple-rate springs.

Fuel-Efficient: The ADV160 is equipped with liquid cooling and PGM-FI for optimal performance and easy start-up in cold weather. ADV160 also boasts excellent fuel efficiency and a large tank for extended travel.



Sometimes adventure can mean being unsure of what’s on the next bend. Be assured that the ADV160 will be there for you. Every ADV160 comes with the Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) on the rear wheel, which gives you the ability to stop with confidence even in the most challenging conditions.

The integrated adaptor for 12 volts in the ADV160 helps keep your electronics while you’re in motion. It’s in the two-liter storage compartment to the left.


A great handling experience and a sturdy construction start with a sturdy chassis design. That’s where the ADV160 is truly impressive. It has a duplex-cradle steel tube style, not the usual “underbone” style. You might not see it but you’ll be able to feel the advantages every time you take a ride.


For the Honda V-Matic automatic transmission, simply get the motor started, turn the throttle, and then go. It doesn’t require any shifting never a moment to think about the road ahead, and you enjoy the trip! It’s the V-Matic is a constantly variable model, meaning you’ll always enjoy the smoothest power delivery.

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Honda ADV160 Overview

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What is the price of the Honda ADV160?

The 2023 Honda ADV160 starts at $4,499

How fast is the Honda ADV160?

The Honda ADV160 has a top speed of around 73 mph. Also Check: Honda CRF250RX Top Speed

What is the engine displacement of the Honda ADV160?

The engine displacement of the Honda ADV160 is 157cc

How much power does the Honda ADV160 produce?

The engine produces 16 horsepower

What are the available colors for the Honda ADV160?

Pearl Smokey Gray, Red Metallic

What is the seat height of the Honda ADV160?

It has a seat height of 30.7 inches.

What is the weight of CRF450R?

It has a curb weight of 294 pounds.

What is the wheelbase of the Honda ADV160?

It has a wheelbase of 52.1 inches

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